the gauntlet

I’ve been contemplating what it’ll mean to have no income at the end of the year. I know I have been spoiled by the fact that I am at a good paying job, one that pays better than I ever expected to make to be honest, and now I’m leaving it, with a little money saved and a lot of bills (hello student loans). Anyways, this got me to looking into freelance work, and among other things, I need to make a portfolio and start getting published. And that lead me to flash fiction. 

I’m not great at short form. I have a tendency to over write things, I know, but with my recent delving into structure for my novel, I believe that it would a. be good for me and b. be a way to make a little extra cash for expenses etc. 

And while my novel struggles to become what it’s meant to be, I’m going to try my hand at doing some flash fiction. Of course the moment I say that, I lose all the ideas in my head. I’ve decided to set a goal though: 30 stories in 30 weeks. I’m going to use Nancy Stohlman’s 30 Flash Fiction Prompts, as a jumping off point but obviously it doesn’t have to stay with them. 

Then I’m going to submit. A lot. All over the place. I need some practice with rejection as well. 

Anyone else got some challenge for themselves over the next couple of weeks? 


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