Sending your book to beta readers is a horrifying and exhilarating experience. For the first time, people are looking at your work and changing it from thoughts in your head into thoughts in their heads.

(At some point I should write a post about the way that books are a collaboration between author and reader and my many feelings on being a reader and a writer. Self: note this down. /completely forgets immediately)

Anyways, I am super grateful to my wonderful beta readers (Paula, Kat, Christy, Alex, Alexandra) who have given me so much to chew on and work through in order to make the book better. They are all wonderful thoughtful writers themselves.

But the meat of this post, is that I’ve decided to hold off on publishing my book this summer. My desire to get it done isn’t really helping make it better, and I think that what I really want is a traditional publishing deal. If I can’t get that, I might still self publish — I don’t think the book is bad — but it just means I’m going to take a breather, and get ready to look for agents (while doing Pitch Wars, since there is a happy coincidence of timing there).

And… that’s all.


EDIT: I AM TERRIBLE, and forgot to add in Madeline, who did SO MUCH WORK on the first draft that it wouldn’t even get close to being ready for the second round of beta readers. YOU ARE A PEACH MADELINE, absolutely (I totally didn’t change a character name so you wouldn’t have the same name as the villain, nope, not me). ALSO A LOVELY AND SENSITIVE WRITER WHOSE BOOK I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO!